Cougars News · Athletic Department Cougar App goes LIVE!

Colleton County Athletic Department’s App that has been developed by App Intell goes live today! It is currently available on the Apple Store and will be available on the Google Play store later today. The idea for working with App Intel on developing the App came from the athletic department trying to get students, fans, and the community more involved in the athletics. This is a one stop shop for everything cougar athletics. Users will be able to find game schedules, purchase tickets and cougar passes, get directions to games, access the website,  have direct access to sponsors, complete athletic registration, purchase cougar gear and access all cougar social media from one place. The athletic department is testing the App this year with spring sports to see how our fans, student-athletes, and coaches like it. We hope to be able to modify the App to enhance the best experience for all who are apart of COUGAR NATION. Go download our app and let us know what you think!